Kootenay Internet Solutions

Kootenay Internet Solutions is a Consulting Service located in the West Kootenays of British Columbia, Canada. We are dedicated to equipping individuals and business to deal effectively, easily and happily with the Internet for the lowest possible cost. We provide teaching, tutorials, web-page authoring and posting, and Internet Research services. We provide ongoing maintenance or help for your personal or business Internet needs.
Web Page Publishing & Hosting
Tutoring and Consulting Services
Internet Research
Your Own Virtual Web Server

Kootenay Internet Solutions
Phone: (250) 362-9484
E-Mail: solutions@kootweb.com
Box: 331 Rossland BC. V0G-1Y0
Web Site: http://kootweb.com


Our Prices cover all of these Web design services
(no hidden costs - no monthly fees):

CONSULTING with you to design your Web site and develop a Web marketing strategy.
DESIGNING attractive Web pages from your text, photos, and graphics (scanning is included in the basic price).
GRAPHICS PACKAGE including a masthead (incorporating your corporate logo), top-of-page graphics, colored and textured backgrounds, and complementary lines and bullets to punctuate your pages with color.
HOSTING YOUR PAGE(s) on our state-of-the-art Server for one year . Price includes usage log summary available through our KOOTWEB site, and page visitor counter.
ADVERTISING your Web site to a dozen or more of the major Web search engines, and
UPDATING your site for a year (up to two hours per page).

Our standard Full Year Web site prices are:
You own Virtual Web Server

While our "KOOTWEB.COM" server will always keep your address as short as possible, you may have a need for your own DOMAIN NAME.
You pay for your domaine name, then pay us $50 set up fee and as little as $100 per year for hosting your site and domaine (in this package, you do your own updating).
This site comes with it's own E-Mail address, FTP access and access to the most advanced Server Side Applications currently available (some extra fees may apply).

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